Polystyrene (cork) granules

SAPCO's expanded polystyrene granules are composed of 98% of air and 2% of plastic materials, and the granules of SAPCO can be recycled and used without losing their physical properties, and these granules can be used in many uses and industries as it is possible. Mix it with the cement mixture, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cement

Polystyrene SABCO granules are characterized by being extremely lightweight and pearly white, and of course made of expanded polystyrene, the diameter of one particle ranges from 3 to 12 mm.

These granules are consumed by ready-mixed concrete suppliers and since they are considered one of the best types of thermal insulation to mix them with concrete to contribute to a very large cost reduction and lead to the lightness of the total weight of concrete according to the opinion of consulting engineers to work as well as used as an internal filler for sofas and boards of infinite luxury as well as some pillows Mattresses and mattresses are used as fillers for children’s toys.

Characteristics of polystyrene granules:

Light as air and loose, comfortable to fill, environmentally friendly, recyclable, water absorption and moisture resistant

It also has high-quality thermal insulation properties.