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Presenting thermal insulation as a cornerstone in the formulation of correct and modern engineering planning.

Manufacture of the Hourdi block of polystyrene and the styropor panels of various sizes, types and sizes that suit the requirements of insulation and construction.

Our innovation of the insulated block and presenting it as a practical option that fulfills the required conditions in terms of insulation and strength in construction.

Presentation of Hourdi panels and blocks made of pre-fabricated polystyrene cement processing.

Serving the field of decorations and interior design with a variety of cornices, while preparing to implement any form that serves this field.

Manufacturing all forms of industrial packaging to protect household and electrical appliances.

In addition to manufacturing vegetable and fruit boxes and agricultural seed trays.

Our industries

Types of products!

The field of agriculture

SABCO is always ready to serve the agricultural sector through its multiple products of high quality, and its agricultural products are characterized by being of high densities, which gives them strength and durability and allows them to be used for more than one time.

Industrial packaging

SABCO is always ready, through its field of work, to meet all the requirements of the industrial brothers, traders and exporters, by manufacturing specific cases or shapes to save all their electrical and household fragile products and protect them in a practical way and in different shapes and measurements that meet their packaging needs, taking into account. Consideration of transport and export operations.

Decorative area

We specialize in creating an integrated relationship with our clients while paying attention to all their details throughout the project

SAPCO still strives to be at the top of the summit with its material and intellectual stock of great experience in this field to combine product quality, decoration art, old experience and modern machinery, as we are one of the pioneers in producing attractive designs that aim to set new standards in high-quality products at competitive prices. So our products and services are beyond your imagination.

The construction field

SAPCO’s endeavor to win the satisfaction of its customers and its endeavor to follow up on its customers at all stages of construction.

SAPCO has provided several lightweight, easy-to-use and installation solutions that help customers reduce the loads of their facility, allowing them to increase the number of facility floors and save on the costs of iron and cement used in construction, as well as allowing customers to use larger convectors.

Thermal Insulation

SAPCO provides many thermal insulation options and products in order to achieve ideal thermal insulation in all facilities of all types and uses.

It also provides high-quality thermal insulation products in compliance with international specifications using advanced manufacturing materials, which gives its products ideal specifications that make them the top in thermal insulation materials in quality, durability and thermal resistance

Polystyrene (cork) granules

SAPCO’s expanded polystyrene granules are composed of 98% of air and 2% of plastic materials, and the granules of SAPCO can be recycled and used without losing their physical properties, and these granules can be used in many uses and industries as it is possible. Mix it with the cement mixture, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the cement

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