Floor insulation boards with tresses:They are panels with a high density of 30-35 kg / m3, and they are characterized by the presence of….



Floor insulation boards with tresses:
They are panels with a high density of 30-35 kg / m3, and they are characterized by the presence of treads to prevent the formation of any thermal bridges, and their high densities reduce their thermal conductivity coefficient, which has an average value of 0.0310 W / m. Kelvin, and it is characterized by its self-extinguishing property (i.e. anti-flammable).
It is also characterized by its ease of installation and use, and it is characterized by the ease of the possibility of complete closure, because it can be placed in all directions
Standard dimensions:

110 cm55 cm2 cm – 3 cm – 5 cm

Some areas of application:
1- Thermal insulation of the floors in the floor heating system to prevent heat dissipation.
2- Thermal insulation of the floors and walls of the cooling facility due to its high densities and the absence of any thermal bridges.
3- Thermal insulation of floors, ceilings and walls.

Technical specifications of the floor insulation board (styrographite):
Product name: styrographite panels.
Product description:
It is an insulation board made of expanded polystyrene with graphite and pentane added (fireproof). It has a groove of 2 cm with a thickness of 1 cm. Its task is to prevent thermal bridges between the panels when installing and connecting them. This groove is located on all four sides of the slab and in every two opposite directions. The groove is reversed for the possibility of connecting the panels.
From outside to outside: 112 cm long x 57 cm wide.
From inside to outside, it is 110 cm long x 55 cm wide, which are the net dimensions after installation.

Maximum weight kg Minimum weight kgNumber of panels per cubic meterVolume m3Net area m2Width cmLength cmThickness cm
0.424 kg0.363 kg82.5 boards0.0121 m30.605 m255 cm110 cm2 cm
0.635 kg0.545 kg55 boards0.0181 m30.605 m255 cm110 cm3 cm
1.059 kg0.908 kg33 boards0.0302 m30.605 m255 cm110 cm5 cm

The raw material used:
Expanded polystyrene flame retardant with graphite added (fire retardant).
LR Series GRAY EPS flame retardant.

styrographite higher densitystyrographite lower densityunitetest methodSpecifications
260200KPaGB/T8813-2008Compressive strength (10% deformation)
480420KPaGB/T8812-2007Bending strength
420380KPaGB/T9641-88tensile strength
90-100onset of thermal deformation
0.20.21/℃GB/T8811-2008Dimensional stability (70 ± 2 °C, 48 hours)
0.0290.032W/M.KGB/T10294-2008Thermal conductivity coefficient (25 ° C)
33Ng/Pa.m.sGB/T2411-2008water vapor permeability (>)
0.70.8%GB/T8810-2005Water absorption (≤) 3 days
0.91.1%GB/T8810-2005Water absorption (≤) 7 days
1.11.3%GB/T8810-2005Water absorption (≤) 28 days