Insulation panels with a protrusion (overlab)

Insulation panels with a protrusion (overlab)

It is a styropor board with a high density of 35 – 40 kg / m3, and it has a protrusion that prevents any….



It is a styropor board with a high density of 35 – 40 kg / m3, and it has a protrusion that prevents any thermal bridges, and its high density reduces the coefficient of thermal conductivity at 24 ° C to 0.029 watts / M.Kelvin, and it has the feature of self-extinguishing. (I.e. anti-inflammatory)

The thermal insulation panels with a protrusion overlap achieve thermal insulation in walls and ceilings, whose density reaches 40-35 kg / m3. It also provides adequate insulation for cooling rooms in walls and ceilings and prevents heat dissipation in floor heating systems as it is characterized by its light weight, strength and ease. Dealing with it to suit all your needs and according to the thicknesses you need.

It is also widely recognized and tested in various construction applications and is preferred by employers due to its high market fame

It can be used to build, isolate or beautify facilities, villas and palaces. It is also used to isolate factories and warehouses, large and small, and in garages and floor heating systems.

This product is manufactured by special molds for it and it is not done by traditional cutting process as it is in traditional and regular panels

This type of panels (over lab) has the advantage that it interferes with each other by installation, meaning that the edges of the panels overlap each other to give excellent and unique features, which makes the group of panels form between them a completely closed cell and thus significantly higher thermal insulation, as well as the strength and rigidity of the insulation with its cohesion between it and lack Allowing for any heat leakage as well as lack of water and moisture absorption .

Standard dimensions:

110 cm55cm2cm – 3cm – 5cm

Some application areas:

  1. Thermal insulation of floors in a floor heating system to prevent heat dissipation.
  2. Thermal insulation of the floors and walls of the refrigeration facility due to their high densities and the absence of any thermal bridges.
  3. Isolate floors, ceilings and walls.

Characteristics of insulation panels with a protrusion (overlab):

  1. Very high thermal resistance and thermal conductivity is unaffected with the passage of time.
  2. The transmission coefficient (thermal conductivity) is very low, and the saving rate reaches 60% of electricity consumption.
  3. Light weight and ease of transportation as well as ease of installation and ease of cutting to the appropriate size and size.
  4. It does not absorb water and moisture.
  5. It does not have any negative impact or negative harm on the surrounding environment or on humans.
  6. It does not have any chemical or negative effects on the surrounding atmosphere or on individuals.
  7. Good shock absorption.
  8. Also, in the event of combustion, it does not produce any toxic gases and it is fireproof (flameproof).
  9. It is not affected by fungi and does not decompose with the passage of time.

Insulation panels with a protrusion (overlab)